Competence makes all the difference

These days, while we are locked in our houses following the news about the pandemic, hopefully looking for all kinds of glimmers, we do not notice that mass immunization is taking place.
In this case, however, it has nothing to do with the virus. The immunization I am referring to, however, relates to the disillusionment with an illusion that has taken hold of many of us over the past few years.

It seems incredible, seen through the eyes of today, but there was a time – not so long ago, although it seems like a geological era has passed! – in which we exalted the incompetent, crying out for them, because of their lack of preparation, to be entrusted with the governance of public affairs.
Unpreparedness and inexperience were seen as a guarantee of honesty. In these guises, the new “Band of Honest Men” seemed capable of unhinging the rusty mechanisms of politics, until then largely entrusted to men who had made service a profession.

In fact, there was an unhinging.
Today, in the emergency regime, even the most inattentive spectators have become aware of the insubordination that can come from a politics that continues to rely on announcements when it should make courageous choices; that icannot look to the future, because it is buried by the administration of daily life; that is wrong even when it says it relies on science.

So let us rediscover what, after all, we already knew. That competence makes all the difference. That the idea that “one is worth one” is wrong, because it doesn’t rely on those who are more capable, but on those who are more shy in making use of techniques of indoctrination of the masses which, however, to the proof of the facts, turn out to be false and even harmful.
For what reason, if we rely on the best doctor to cure an illness, when we have to choose by whom to be governed we should rely on the inexperienced?

In the situation of forced blockade we are forced into, we find time to ask ourselves questions and to answer them, perhaps when we turn off the light before we fall asleep and we can stop pretending that everything is all right.
From now on we should be more vigilant, learn from the mistakes made and not give up our ability to reason so easily.


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