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I’m a professor of communication ethics at the University of Salento (Italy) where I coordinate the AEID (Lab in Applied Ethics and Interdisciplinarity). I’m the editor of the editorial series Controversies. Ethics and Interdisciplinarity – John Benjamins Publishing Company, Amsterdam – and a member of the Scientific Committee of Foreign Language and Literature Studies and the Board of Directors of SIFM (Italian Society of Moral Philosophy). I’m the vice president of the IASC (International Association for the Study of Controversies, http://www.iasc.me) and a member of the Steering Committee of FISP.

I’m author of several books. In 2010, A crua palavra, my book interview with philosopher Marcelo Dascal, published in English, was translated into eight languages. My last monograph is: Etica delle immagini (Ethics of images) (Morcelliana). In 2016, together with Leah Gruenpeter Gold, he edited for Springer the volume: Paradoxes of Conflicts.

As a writer, I’m the author of La vita che si cerca. Lettera ad uno studente sulla felicità dello studio (The Like You Seek. Letter to a student on happiness of study) (Effatà, 2005).